arena junkies dk dual wield

5. ledna 2013 v 23:20

Comprehensive DK PvP Guide - TankSpot -.
Ever wondered where your competitors got their skills? Wish you were the Master of Death Knight PVP? Now you can be with this Death Knight Leveling Guide website
So, thought to start a thread for Death Knight PvP in Cataclysm. I decided to make maybe it'll be different at 85 but everyone ive talked to said 2h frost was
Updated DK PvP Guide for Cataclysm: Macro for totem stomping won't work, if /petattack will be last this will be most
FROSTFUL . FROST DK PvP GUIDE 4.1 . Build (Spec) - Including Link to my Armory; Gear; Enchants/Gems/Reforging; Macros; Tips/Add Ons; ALWAYS BE IN UNHOLY PRESENCE
  • Dk Pvp Guide - The Ultimate Death Knight.

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arena junkies dk dual wield

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Well then, would you rather put them in an obliterate talent? Because you dont use oblit in this spec, 2 handed special? well you dual wield, OaPH?

Frost DK 4.1 PvP Guide | Panda Attack

DK PvP in Cataclysm - TankSpot - World of.

arena junkies dk dual wield


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